Jul 19


Here is the great news that everyone has been waiting for: to show my gratitude, we will be having FOUR giveaways within the first four weeks!! Yes, FOUR! Bookmark www.phonewbie.com and keep visiting to stay up to date on the latest news regarding the Giveaways.

Here are the details for the first giveaway:

In conjunction with www.afacemadeup.com we have two great gifts to kick off the giveaways. The Grand Prize winner will receive a $40 gift card of their choice. The first prize winner will receive a $25 Best Buy gift card.

How to enter and win:

1. Leave a comment on today’s article, “Dining Out.”
2. Share the article on Facebook (you are only required to share it once but it increases your chances if you share it more)
3. Follow @Phonewbie on Twitter.

All three steps must be completed for your entry to be valid. Two winners will be chosen randomly and announced on the blog on Monday July 23rd, 2012. Contact me at info@phonewbie.com for more details.

Only one comment is needed to enter.


  1. Thaghost

    Im all in.

  2. Makeda

    I’m going to use these apps when I’m ready to go out to a nice dinner when my man gets back Owwww!

    1. Jabulani Blyden

      Good Idea. There will be more tips, tricks, apps, etc brought to light on Phonewbie so you both should stay tuned!!

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