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Pay at Checkout with Your Smartphone


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Being the tech lover that I am, I enjoy using all of my phone’s features. One of the features I enjoy most is using Google Wallet to make payments directly from my phone. Many of you have used or have seen credit cards where you can tap the terminal with the card rather than swiping to make your payments. Well, thanks to Google Wallet and NFC, I can do the same thing with my phone!

Google Wallet

Google Wallet is an app that allows you to store credit and debit card information for the purpose of making payments with your phone. Google allows you to enter multiple cards and they accept all major credit cards. They have teamed up with Office Max, Guess and other companies so you can use your rewards cards and they also have special offers at local participating businesses.

Entering and storing your cards is safe and easy. Once you securely store your debit or credit card information you are all set to go. Google Wallet uses NFC technology to transmit data to the terminal and authorize the payments. Your phone must have NFC in order to use this feature.

The number of businesses that accept this type of payment is growing. I have personally made payments at CVS, RadioShack, Home Depot and more. It is very convenient

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