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Phonewbie Game Review: Greedy Spiders 2



With all of their great graphics and 3D effects, Arcade games get the most pub. Casual games, however are a big part of gaming and puzzlers are the most beloved among casual games. Another puzzler in Greedy Spiders 2 brings a different spin to the puzzler genre.

We all know the power of the spider’s web in the insect world. They are notorious for trapping other insects in their web. In this game, your job is to free the helpless insects before the spiders eat them. Simple enough right? Wrong! There are multiple spiders on these webs and they are all hungry. They waste no movements and go straight for the kill. This adds a higher difficulty level (of course I set the difficulty level to hard) to the game but its very entertaining and very challenging.

In order to advance to the next round, you must save all the insects. Many times I have “successfully” saved a couple of them to later realize I left one poor insect in danger. The game is straight forward. Use scissors to cut pieces of the web that leads to the insects. As stated earlier, these spiders mean business and they waste no time so you’re gonna need help, especially since there are some webs you can’t cut.

To help you against these greedy spiders you are given other tools besides scissors. One tool you have is ice, which gives you the ability to freeze a spider. Another tool you have is an electric bulb which shocks any spider who chooses to crawl down the web where you placed the bulb. Trust me, you will need those tools and all of the other tools to fend off these greedy spiders.

I really like this game and I am finding it addictive as I try to outsmart the spiders. You can’t guess your way through this puzzler and that will keep you coming back for more. Greedy Spiders 2 is free on Android and on iOS with 72 levels of fun. There is a full version for $.99, which is well worth the price, that will double your pleasure giving you a total of 144 levels. Click the link to get all the additional features.

Get Greedy Spiders 2 Free for Android & iOS or get the full version on Android & iOS.

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