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Repost: Paid Apps for Free – Android



Have you ever wanted an app but the price was a little too high? Or are you one of those cheap people who refuse to spend money on apps? Well this news is for you. I have gathered information concerning offers for free, paid apps and sale apps below:

imgresThe Google Play Store is where android users normally go to purchase their apps. Google only has offers once in a while but the app developers have their own promotions. There is an app in the Play Store called AppSales which scans the store for any paid apps that may have went on sale or that is temporarily free. If you want free apps on your phone that you should have this app on your device.

imgresThe Amazon AppStore is another store where developers can sell their Android apps. Amazon has a “Free app of the Day” promotion that has been going on for a while now. All you have to do is visit the store daily and download the free app. You must have a credit card attached to the store to make purchases and download free apps. If you purchase a free app, you will get a bill for $0. The Kindle Fire has this store pre-loaded, but most android phones can side-load* it.

You can delete any free apps from your phone but the “purchase” will be saved to your Amazon account. You must have the Amazon Appstore on your device in order for any of the downloaded apps to work.


  1. go to your phone settings.
  2. go to security.
  3. select “Unknown Sources.” (do not do this for anything unless you know it is safe)
  4. download and install the Amazon Appstore.

I found an app for my phone for free that I purchased for $20 on my Ipad! I fully support developers and don’t mind spending money for apps so I encourage you to do the same but i know everyone loves free stuff. Enjoy!

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