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Photo Grid – The Best Photo Collage App Ever


Let’s face it, there are tons of photo apps for our editing pleasure in every app store for every operating system. There are so many good ones that it gets hard trying to distinguish one from another. But in the category of collage or grids, Photo Grid is the best, hands down. If you like collages then you need this app like, right now. Its available for Android, iOS and WIndows Phone.

Getting Started

What makes this app so good is the easy process for making a collage. First you choose what kind of collage you want to make, whether its a grid or a high & wide filmstrip. (an option also exists for single pics). Once you choose the type of collage you want, you select the photos. This is where Photo Grid begins to distinguish itself from all other frames and collage apps. After you choose the photos you want then select the arrow for the next screen.

If you chose 3 pics then the 3 pics appear already in a grid. from there you have tons of options. You can switch the type of grid, rearrange the order of the pics, rotate each individual pic and more. This is done easily and quickly with no room for error.

Other apps have you select the grid or frame first, then select the pics. The problem with that is that once you place the pic in an area of the frame, the only way to remove or switch that photo is to delete that picture, go back to your gallery and re-select photos and then switch their position.

In Photo Grid, you touch one photo in the grid, hit the “move” button then press the other photo and they automatically switch places on the grid. It helps that the animation for that is really cool. You have several grids and frames to choose from. On Android and iOS, there is a cool feature that randomly selects a grid every time you shake the device. There are some editing that can be done to the shape and thickness of the frames as well.

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Android Customizations

The Android version has some extra editing capabilities. You are able to edit the roundness of the corners in a bit more detail than the iOS and WIndows Phone versions. You also have more freedom to adjust the thickness of the frame lines as well as the lines of the grid. The Android version also allows you to save the photos in four different sizes. Make a mental note of the 1024p png size. This enables you to upload it to Instagram without having to crop your photo or cut out a part of the photo that you wanted to show.

Adding text to the photo is also a feature unique to the Android version. As well as the Free HD grid. (note: the iOS and Android versions have a free extension called, Sketchguru, that gives you 13 black & white and color sketch effects.


This is a bonafide Five Star app! It’s totally free to download and use. I love it so much I have it on my Android, iPhone and Windows Phone. Anyone who loves collages should give it a try. I’m sure it will become one of your go to photo apps.

Start making your collages with PhotoGrid now.

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