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Finally, you can text 9-1-1


I remember hearing people say it in jest or even as a joke. Finally, texting 9-1-1 is a reality. I think this is a very important move. There are many cases where it may not be safe to call 911 or you may not be able to call. This is […]

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Apple vs Google Round 99: Maps


Google vs Apple. Android vs iOS. iPhone/iPad vs Nexus. On and on and on. This war seems like it will wage on forever. The most recent chapter took place this month. Before we break down this round of the war, let me refresh your memory on the precursor to this […]

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Photo Grid – The Best Photo Collage App Ever


Let’s face it, there are tons of photo apps for our editing pleasure in every app store for every operating system. There are so many good ones that it gets hard trying to distinguish one from another. But in the category of collage or grids, Photo Grid is the best, […]

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Must Have Apps For Your Roku & Apple TV


  Apple TV and the Roku are the premier home streaming devices on the market. These boxes allow you to stream content such as Netflix, Hulu plus and live sports right to your television. Just like everything these days, they both have mobile apps that enhance your experience. So which […]

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Pay at Checkout with Your Smartphone

    Being the tech lover that I am, I enjoy using all of my phone’s features. One of the features I enjoy most is using Google Wallet to make payments directly from my phone. Many of you have used or have seen credit cards where you can tap the […]

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