Nov 05

iPad Air – The must have iPad

Almost two weeks ago Apple announced the new iPad 5 officially called the iPad Air. The tough decision that many people face with their iPhones is even tougher with the iPad; should I upgrade? Apple themselves have given great value and respect to the 3 generations old iPad 2 while discontinuing the 3rd and 4th …

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Nov 03

Up next: Phonebloks – From a dream to a real project

You ever get tired of upgrading your cell phone either every few months because it

Oct 16

Meenova: bringing the micro SD card Back To Life

  When technology evolves, something always gets left behind. A great but dwindling feature which is behing left behind is the ability to expand memory via a Micro SD card. Even the latest and greatest smartphones, (ex: LG G2, HTC One) are doing away with it. Google has pretty much dismissed the external micro SD …

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Oct 06

iOS 7 giving you motion sickness? Here is the fix

Oct 06

Humble Mobile Bundle 2

I have been hearing and reading about the Humble Bundle for a while and I decided to investigate personally.

Oct 01

Hot camera apps

By now most of us are using smartphones with good to great cameras on them. We all know about photo editing and filters which specifically enhance our photos. There are also other apps out there that provide great features for your smartphone’s camera overall and not just the pictures they take. I have outlined a …

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Sep 21

Republic Wireless supercharges into Major Upgrades

Sep 20

Phonewbie Game Review: Angry Birds Star Wars II

Angry Birds, the franchise that we have all come to know and love is back with a sequel to the Star Wars edition of their top selling game. With so many Angry Birds titles available will Rovio be able to bring something new to the table with this game or will they just use the …

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