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Tech Terminology


Android – Google’s mobile operating system. It is an open source operating system free for anyone to use. It allows customizations by all manufacturers and end users. Android is used by many different manufacturers from Samsung to Motorola and from HTC to Sony.

Blackberry – RIM’s mobile operating system. A leader in Instant Messenger service with its BBM application.

Carrier – A company that provides cellular and mobile internet service.

Data – The nternet service that your carrier provides.

Ffc – Front facing camera.

Gigabytes – 1000 megabytes. This measurement is normally used to measure the amount of storage space you have on your device.

Hot spot – (wireless tethering) sharing internet service with other devices wirelessly. Many smartphones and tablets have this function but you are charged a premium by your carrier to use it.

IOS – The mobile operating system created by Apple’s developers. It runs on Apple’s iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. It is a closed operating system allowing little to no customizations and is excusive to Apple’s products.

Isp – Internet service provider.